1- About QChirp™.QChirp™ aspires to become a new global leader in social media with its unique cryptocurrency reward mechanism and ecosystem.™

2- QChirp™

1- Mission.
QG® Blockchain Space Based Decentralized Social Media – with thousands of independent space based communities running QG Social form a autonomous blockchain network, where we create a new sovereignty and freedom of diverse ideas and no censorship.

2- The QChirp™, the decentralized web that takes back power from powerful internet giants like Google and Facebook. While creating a more secure and private system with the Quantum Generation™ (QG™) Ecosystem that is P2P and always on, autonomous, and secure a new world. The internet’s and Social Media data is currently mainly managed on centralized, private servers owned by various large companies, now often called the “cloud.” Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Microsoft, and a handful of other companies operate these systems, providing the backbone both for their services and for those of others.

The QG Ecosystem™ and the orbital and terrestrial quantum mesh network. QChirp™ will create a new blockchain infrastructure to deliver and use this new internet, opening up real opportunities and ideas.
QCHIRP™ IS A DECENTRALIZED SPACE BASED BLOCKCHAIN PRIVATE BROWSER The QChirp™ browser is designed to not know who you are, or what sites you visit. Our company does not store any record of people’s browsing history. We don’t write any personal data to the blockchain. The only way a user’s data is stored by QChirp™ In this policy “we”, “us”, etc. refer to QChirp™, while “QChirp™” refers to the browser. Read this document to understand how QChirp™ infrastructure (“us”, “we”, “QChirp™”, etc.) use data to operate its websites, forums, and communications.

To learn how we decentralize data for the QChirp™ Browser, see the QChirp™ Privacy Policy. To learn how we use data for publishers and creators, see the Publisher Privacy Policy.

Infrastructure QChirp™sites are hosted on the infrastructure we operate, and on infrastructure operated on our behalf by Quantum Generation™ and QSAT™, infrastructure is designed to be decentralized The rest of this infrastructure is located in the space, which is where information is processed and stored.